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When an external contractor accidentally dug through the Unley Council’s sub-terrain fibre cables they knew to call EDC’s Rapid Response number for urgent assistance.EDC were able to isolate the damaged fibre cabling by using their Hydravac System, Rather than having to use mechanical diggers to acces the cabling, EDC were able to limit the damage done to surface area, and reduce the level of danger associated with earth moving machinery.
EDC found the affected cable, repaired it quickly and had the network up and running in record time.

With EDC very involvved with the GiGCity rollout and SABRENet, the Hydravac Excavation System allows EDC Crews to contain the level of disrupption usually associated with the laying of cabling in trenching.The Hydravac allows EDC to dig trenches as narrow as 10cm in wi th with an accuraacy that means that surrounding landscaping is barely impacted upon. By igging trenches this way, the time taken to dig, ay and cover is greatly reduced allowing any disruption to be minimised.

Rundle Mall Security Upgrade
JDC have been involved with the uupgrade of Rundle Mall since it egan. With recent world events, Adelaide City Council has installed re-ractable hollards at all entrances to the Mall. Currently controlled by on’site security, EDC have been engaged 0 install fibre cabling to create a network tha will allow for remote control of the hollards and monitoring of the City area with security cameras. EDC will use their Hydravae System to dig the reaches and limit t e damage and amount of avers that will need to be removed for this process. The speed of this proecess also means that Rundle Mall will have limited disruption to its flow of pedestrian traffic.