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Traffic Management


TPC are available to provide Traffic Management Services wherever it may be required, or as part of a contract for other works that will interrupt the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. We have the ability to install required signage at roadworks, ensure that worker safety is enforced and maintain a smooth flow of traffic to limit community disruption.

TPC will always ensure that that following tasks are carried out when taking on the management of traffic on site;

  • Prepare a traffic management plan that outlines the risk factors relating to each scenario, making allowances and implementing tactics to limit any interruption and more importantly to ensure the safety of the community and any staff working on a site.
  • Communicating with relevant councils and interested parties to keep them informed and to submit required approvals.
  • A part of the traffic management plan our staff will have created a strategy to best handle the flow of traffic and pedestrians. This plan will be verified on site with any unforeseen circumstances addressed in a safe and effective manner.
  • To assist in the communication between all relevant parties involved in traffic management and site management, staff utilise 2-way radios to make response times far more efficient and safe.
  • Once the plan has been reassessed on site and communications are established the TPC Traffic Management staff will put into action the Traffic Guidance Scheme. This may involve the placement of signage, cones or other traffic indicators as well as positioning of staff members to interact with traffic.
  • The TPC Traffic Management Staff will continue to monitor the flow of traffic and communicate with the site supervisor to manage any unexpected interruptions, changes in the expected flow of traffic or any safety issues that may arise.
  • Once the allocated time for Traffic Management is complete, TPC staff will remove all signage, cones and traffic notifiers in a safe and organised manner to reinstate the standard flow of traffic.
  • TPC will ensure that all waste or disruption relating to the Traffic Management will be cleaned up before staff leave the site.

All TPC Traffic Management staff are issued with a DPTI Traffic Management Card for South Australia.