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Service Locating

The accuracy of locating services is very important to us and our customers Trenchless Pipe Laying Contractors utilise the most advanced multi frequency Locating equipment on the market coupled with the expertise of our accredited locating personnel we have the experience and knowledge to undertake extensive service locating for almost any project. The service locators also utilise long range conduit location beacons to determine the exact location and depth of services, these beacons are pushed into the conduit or pipe with a Fibreglass rodder and then detected with our Locating Equipment to give accurate depths of the services.

GPR: Ground Penetrating Radar System is utilised to detect all metallic and non-metallic pipes and services beneath the ground to a depth of approximately 6 meters. This one pass system allows us to map out the underground services in an area beneath pavement, rock, soil and other services.

GPS Mapping: Trenchless Pipe Laying Contractors have the equipment to provide GPS coordinates to provide the location information for all your in-ground assets. These units can be used to detect the location of Pits, Man Holes, Field Devices and practically any other service either at ground level or prior to back filling of trenches.

Pot Holing: Pot Holing of services is the most effective way to visually locate conduits, Pipes and Cables in the ground, once the services have been located Trenchless Pipe Laying Contractors can Hydro Excavate the ground including coring of pavement and determine a visual depth of the service. We can install pipe sleeves into the pot holes so you are able to have the site surveyed to record the data. Alternatively, these Pot Holes over the services can be maintained for the duration of your project.