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Why Should You Use Trenchless Technology?

Why Should You Use Trenchless Technology

Why Should You Use Trenchless Technology?

January 2, 2019 Posted by - Posted In: Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology is becoming popular in construction industries because of its advantages. This innovative technology is beneficial over traditional methods of installing underground infrastructures.

Trenchless technology is also called “No Dig” technology because you do not have to dig large areas to install underground infrastructures. This technology avoids open trenches and can complete the jobs faster than other methods.

It minimizes the effects on environment and traffic. Therefore, trenchless technology is becoming popular over traditional methods.

Below are some advantages of trenchless technology which are the proof of why you should use this technology:

1. Faster:
Trenchless technology is faster than traditional methods because it does not dig the whole area to install the pipes or other structures. Traditional methods are used to dig the large area and after installation they fill it back which costs too much time and manpower. By using trenchless technology, you can save a lot of time which is a big advantage due to which people are investing and getting work from this technology.

2. Fewer Effects:
Traditional methods put the great effect on environment because they require too much digging due to which the environment becomes polluted. Traditional methods pollute the on surface and underground water badly. They pollute the air by lots of machines and vehicles. Traditional methods also cause noise pollution because of heavy machines used at construction site. If we talk about trenchless pipe laying technology, it eliminates these problems because it is a no dig technology due to which it does not impact the environment and it does not require lots of machines which pollute the air and cause noise pollution. You can easily avoid these problems by using trenchless technology.

3. Less Expensive:
Traditional methods cost too much because of lots of machines and labor. In traditional methods lots of manpower is required to dig the area due to which it costs more than trenchless technology. Trenchless technology avoids open trenches. Therefore, it saves your money on machines and labor. It is innovative technology which does the work faster and cost less than traditional methods.

4. Minimal Disturbance:
In traditional methods there are open trenches due to which it disturbs the traffic and traffic also jams. If we talk about trenchless methods then according to all the trenchless pipe laying contractors, the technology cause minimal disturbance in traffic over traditional methods. They can do the job easily with the minimal traffic disturbance because this technology does not require much digging. People can do their work easily without getting interrupted.

5. Accuracy:
Some people think that without open cut trenches the accuracy to install or repair underground pipes or other structures reduce. But this is not true at all, trenchless technology usually digs only two small holes on either side of the area. Then they pull the device through it which can repair, replace or install the underground pipes or structures with 100% accuracy. This process can be done without open trenches.