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Important Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation

Important Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation

Important Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation

December 3, 2018 Posted by - Admin Posted In: General

Hydrovac excavation is the process of digging and moving soil. Highly pressurized water is used with air vacuum for performing the hydro excavation. The water pressure is so high it’s able to dig the soil and air vacuum and then transfer the soil to the debris tank.

This method is used in multiple industries let alone civil construction. The benefits it offers are celebrated across the world.

When compared with the traditional method of excavation, it has made digging much similar. Traditional methods required manual shovel for digging. Other than this, multiple laborers were required and the process was very time-consuming. Also, the use of heavy machinery could pose safety threats to the laborers and damage the surroundings. But these issues have been eliminated by Hydrovac excavation. It’s an environmentally friendly and a non-mechanical method to get the job done.

Hydrovac excavation has lots of benefits to offer, let’s review some of them:

1.Advanced Technology
Hydrovac technology uses advanced digging methods. The hydro excavators used are equipped with water heaters, vacuum system, and debris tanks. These trucks are designed to even reach the fragile underground structures. A combination of high pressured water in a low stream is used along with air vacuum for excavating the soil at a controlled rate. The high water pressure breaks the soils and the vacuums lift the slurry from the area and all the debris is carried through the debris pipe to the tank.

2. Accuracy
High-pressure water and suction are used for opening the soil to turn the stiff ground into the muck. The soil gets sucked into the holding tank for further disposal. Since the water pressure is intense, the results of the excavation are highly accurate.

3. Cost-effective
Hydrovac excavation does not involve unnecessary excavation. More accurate and precise methods are used so damages to utilities, surrounding pipes, and environment are minimized. Hydro excavation lets you move the soil accurately too. The water avoids pipes and underground utilities so there are fewer chances of leaks and cracks. Other than this, the limited workforce is required which further reduces the cost.

4. Non-destructive
Traditional excavation methods used to damage the underground utilities but that’s not the case with Hydro excavation. No machinery with claws and metal shovels is used. Instead, high-pressure water is used that does not cause any damage to the existing cables and pipes. There is no digging required and so the process does not cause any destruction.

5. Waste removal
Unlike other digging methods, Hydrovac excavation has a very precise method for waste removal. The dirt which is collected as a result of digging is removed via a large vacuum and it’s stored in a tank for later disposal. No dirt or waste material is left behind at the site. That means the team has to spend less time cleaning up the mess after the excavation is complete. As a result, less damage is caused to the surrounding area.

In short, with Hydrovac excavation, you get the job done not just accurately but in the least invasive manner. Plus, it’s not time-consuming or expensive.