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Horizontal Directional Drilling – How Does It Work?

Horizontal Directional Drilling - How Does It Work

Horizontal Directional Drilling – How Does It Work?

January 23, 2019 Posted by - Posted In: Horizontal Drilling

Amid the previous six years, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) has changed the industry of underground utility installation. Today, HDD is a common and well-known technique for introducing a wide range of underground utilities, for example, water, telephone, sewer, electric and gas. HDD is likewise appropriate for introducing natural remediation wells.

HDD is basically a procedure by which it is conceivable to introduce utilities underground with insignificant disturbance to the ground surface. This is cultivated by making a bore into the ground and after that leveling out at a predefined depth. When the best possible depth has been achieved, it is then conceivable to propel the bore horizontally to a goal point where the drill is diverted so it leaves the ground. When it leaves the ground, the bore head is evacuated and a back expander or reamer is connected alongside a swivel and the product that will be installed. It is then pulled back to the drilling unit through the pilot bore.

To perform different directional drilling projects, directional drilling machines are accessible in numerous sizes. Notwithstanding the size, they all have three principal functions: forward push, rotation as well as a pullback. The business wide standard for rating the measure of a machine is the aggregate pounds of pullback ability. In any case, more accentuation is being set on the rotational torque rating of machines. Directional drilling machines can likewise be part into two different classifications: independent or remote units.

An independent Horizontal Directional Drilling unit alludes to a machine that has the power unit, bore pipe, and rack on board while a remote unit comprises of a power unit that is permanently attached to a trailer, truck bed, or is slide mounted and has water powered hoses rushing to the bore rack. Independent machines are very prominent in view of the decreased setup time and on the grounds that the additional weight holds the machine set up.

The drilling or boring pipe is also known as drill stem and it is accessible in various widths and lengths, depending on the span of the bore fix that it is to be utilized on. Measurements of bore pipe can extend in size from a little more than one inch up to six inches. These pipes are empty to enable drilling liquids to go from the boring apparatus to the bore head.

When the pilot bore is finished, the drill head is evacuated and a back reamer is connected to the drill string. Back reamers also called expanders or the hole openers, are able to perform two main functions.

The first and most clear is to broaden the opening to a size sufficiently expansive to enable space for the item to be introduced The other capacity is to mix the cuttings with the drilling liquids to make a slurry down gap, in this way making a superior situation for product installation .Due to easy and simple working, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is one the most preferred ways for pipe laying and such other things.