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Direction Boring – Techniques And Precautions To Be Taken!

Direction Boring - Techniques and Precautions to be taken!

Direction Boring – Techniques And Precautions To Be Taken!

June 20, 2018 Posted by - Admin Posted In: Trenchless Drilling

Horizontal underground directional drilling, also well known as horizontal directional drilling, HDD or directional boring is basically a steerable trenchless process for introducing underground pipe, cable or conduit in a shallow bend along a recommended bore way by utilizing a surface-launched boring apparatus, with negligible effect on the nearby area. Directional drilling is utilized when trenching or exhuming isn’t practical. It is reasonable for an assortment of soil conditions and jobs like landscape, street or river crossing.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) happens:

  • On business development sites

  • On private development sites

  • On footpaths, roadways and verges


The Technique:

Commonly, the holes are bored by just pointing the trenching machine toward the path it needs to bore. A difficult method for directional boring uses a curve close to the bit, and also a downhole steerable mud engine. For this situation, the curve directs the bit in an alternate heading from the wellbore axis when the whole string of the drill isn’t turning, which is done by pumping boring liquid through the mud engine. At that point, once the angle is reached, the entire drill string along with the bend is rotated, guaranteeing the drill bit does not bore in an alternate direction from the wellbore pivot.


The work including horizontal directional drilling has a few risks also. With the expanded utilization of HDD in the Australia, new security, and health dangers and unplanned resource strikes have been presented for resource owners, drillers, spectators and the community.

The risks are for the underground resource owners including employers, people responsible for work environments, utility (power, gas, phone and water) suppliers and neighborhood government.

All underground resource owners have underground resources that if affected by a HDD could open Australians to business interference and dangers to the safety and well-being. In order to limit the exposure, underground resource owners ought to give similarly as is practicable, exact ‘as developed’ drawings to all requestors associated with the asset owners by means of the Dial before You Dig Service (DBYD).

Before initiating the process of directional bore drilling, organizations are obliged to do a complete risk appraisal utilizing the data picked up. It is also required the practice of most of the clients and operators administrators and customers to do the physical confirmation of buried services such as:

  1. Certain electrical services are not promptly distinguished in the absence of current flow such as intermittent road signage or the road lighting.

  2. The depths may change with subsequent earthworks.

  3. Sometimes, there is a nonappearance or relocation of trench warning tape

  4. To abstain from cutting and grafting, a few cables are laid with loops outside the normal trench boundary specifications.

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