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Benefits & Applications of Hydrovac Excavation

Benefits & Applications of Hydrovac Excavation

Benefits & Applications of Hydrovac Excavation

March 5, 2019 Posted by - Posted In: General

Hydrovac Excavation is one of the latest land excavation technology that is used for digging and moving sand. It is cost effective, reliable and it reduces the risks associated with traditional digging methods. Hydrovac Excavation is carried out with highly pressurized water that digs up the soil and an air vacuum that sucks up the soil and then transfers it to a debris tank.

It is preferred to the conventional exaction methods in the construction industry because of the following reasons:
1. It is accurate for soil digging.
2. It does not pose any safety risk to the workers.
3. It is not time consuming.
4. It is not labor intensive.
5. It saves cost.
6. It does not damage the landscape.

What Are the Benefits and Application of Hydrovac Excavation?

1. It Is Safe
Hydrovac Excavation is safe on the environment and it does not pose any risk to humans. It is a non-mechanic method that only involves water and air vacuum; therefore, workers and the people living or moving around a construction site are safe from construction accidents. Unlike the conventional exaction methods that pose some risks, this method of debris removal allows the workers to stay out of the excavation, which takes them out of harm’s way. Also, the equipment used for Hydrovac Excavation can be placed at a distance from the actual excavation site, which not only prevent or minimize injuries but also lessen traffic at the excavation site.

2. It Is not Costly
Hydrovac Excavation is cost effective and inexpensive because it is not as labor intensive as the traditional digging methods. Therefore, since only few amount of labor is needed, it reduces labor cost.

3. It Is Accurate
Hydrovac Excavation is the most precise excavation method because it involves the use of pressurized water that is aimed directly at the exact point that needs to be excavated. The slurry of water and soil is then sucked out into a debris tank for disposal.

4. It Is Non-Destructive
It is quite impossible to dig using the tradition digging methods without destroying the landscape of the work site. Traditional digging methods also destroys underground utilities (sewer pipes, water lines and cable lines) and structures existing on the site. However, thanks to Hydrovac Excavation, it is now possible to do digging and excavation without causing any damage. In other words, Hydrovac Excavation keeps everything (except the excavated soil) the way they are during and after the excavation processes.

5. It Is Efficient, Reliable and Fast
The traditional method of excavation takes a lot of time and it is less reliable because it is labor intensive and humans can get tired quickly. This prolongs the time taken before an excavation process can be completed. However with the use of Hydrovac Excavation, it is certain that digging and excavation will be done in no time. This shortens the time taken to complete a construction project and adds a lot of ease into construction activities.