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6 Essential tools Required For Trenchless Drilling.

6 Essential tools Required For Trenchless Drilling

6 Essential tools Required For Trenchless Drilling.

August 10, 2018 Posted by - Admin Posted In: Trenchless Drilling

Drilling without a trench is part of a series of revolutionary methods. At first, when you thought about a building, it was associated with thousands of rubble and broken things. Only then was it going to be born, then, a beautiful building or house that would change the landscape of the city.

Nowadays it is very possible to carry out a civil construction or simply to repair it without having to destroy many things. This has been achieved thanks to different technological advances and tools that have changed the world. Drilling without a trench is possible and here we show you the people responsible for this happening.

1. Navigation Systems

The navigation systems are responsible for ensuring that the drilling can follow the desired direction. They are the ones who guide the contractors during the operation and take care that the tubes are where they go. They are related to the earth and use computerized maps.

2. Drilling head

When you already have an idea of ​​where you need to drill and you have already drawn a map, it is time to use the drill head. Normally, it is tested during a pilot drill and is a very useful tool. It is composed, usually by a metal head with rotating blades that are fused together with a probe. Said probe helps the navigation system to be guided.

3. Rimador

It comes into play right after the drill head is in charge of opening the way. After the head makes the small perforation, the major replaces it and finishes following the path. It also goes hand in hand with a probe.

4. Pipes

These elements are one of the most important in all this of the drilling with a ditch. The idea of ​​all this operation is that you can place the pipes, so you must get good pipes that help you have a better water system.The best ones are polyethylene pipes that are long-lasting and are designed for pressure wing flows. Within the civil construction are some of the favorites and you can even adapt them to some accessories.

5. AXIS guided drilling system

Designer by Vermeer, it is a method to be installed without ditching. The idea is that it works as a kind of guide once you start this whole process. It serves to expand the infrastructure of pipes and even sewage.
You see, what happens here is that when the main pit opens, the navigation system is responsible for starting to place the pipe right where it is going. It is very good because it withstands different pressures and is not damaged by more impacts that it receives during the process. It’s very tough.

6. Excavators

As you should know, the drilling without a ditch, within the civil construction is a little easier. This is because you only have to open an entrance pit and an exit pit. That is where all the instruments that are used will enter and exit.

There are several tools that can be used to perform drilling without ditch in this civil construction. They are also one of the most convenient because they are fast and efficient.